Check in, nap, explore – that’s the plan for today!

After checking into my hotel room I had a pretty simple plan – avoid crashing early due to tiredness and get out into Dubai. 

Before getting to the hotel I got chatting to a really decent Taxi driver who was from Goa. He was genuinely so excited that we were travelling to Goa as part of our trip. First impressions were different to what I anticipated. The city is incredible and the people are very friendly and accommodating. 

I have read up on a lot of the local customs and laws to ensure I’m respectful. But all in all, it’s an amazing place and a great place to start off the trip! 
After a quick nap at the hotel I got showered and into a taxi to go meet Marie at the Atana hotel and put together a proper plan for the next few days in Dubai… keep you posted! But first, here’s the incredible view from my taxi journey to the Atana Hotel. 

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