Packed up and ready

I thought the few days of not working would be chilled but they were nuts! I’ve not stopped running around to sort things out. 

On the day of leaving I quickly met with two of my closest mates for a bite to eat before heading to the airport. Not going to lie all the emotions were hitting at different times; nervousness, excitement, apprehension… but once I got to the airport and checked in it quickly turned to excitement. I was ready for this adventure!

Ive managed to pack everything into a large travel bag and one backpack. It’s amazing what you can leave behind when push comes to shove! Packed and ready 👍🏼

We flew with Royal Brunei Airlines and if you ever get the opportunity to fly with them – do it! It was one of the nicest planes I’ve ever been on and the food was incredible!

The flight to Dubai took 7 hours and we landed at 4am local time (midnight UK time)… it’s fair to say I got NO sleep on the flight so by this point I’m feeling absolutely destroyed. 

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