Game plan for night 1 sorted! 

Game plan sorted… after a quick chat with Marie one of her friends told us Scott Mills, one of the main BBC Radio 1 DJs, was in the City and playing at one of the posh hotels on the Palm Island. 

The taxi to get to the hotel on the Palm took 25-30 minutes. It’s amazing how big the Island is! And even more amazing to think this Island is completely artificial and didn’t exist many years ago.

Once we arrive at the Waldorf Astoria we are directed to the pool area where another DJ was playing. Clearly a warm up DJ. We got there at around 5.45pm and got amazing seats right near the front. It’s the most chilled out DJ set I have seen!

After taking in the views and letting it sink in just where we are and what an amazing trip this will be Scott Mills shows up… let’s see if I can get a photo with him!

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