Day Tour 

On the final day in Dubai we decided to get a day tour starting from the Mall of the Emirates. We had already seen some of the key areas in Dubai but this was an opportunity to get a different perspective, learn some of the local history and see some places that you would be less aware of if you had not done a proper tour. 

It’s fair to say we saw some amazing views. There are three different tours you can do and we completed two in a day. 
We saw some amazing sights and when we got to the Dubai Creek a free river cruise was included in our ticket. The river cruise was good – I’d say it was no better than river cruises I have done before. However the scenery was something else! There was a nearby spice market and the Dubai Creek was used as a port for the boats carrying spices and other goods. Walking along you could just smell all these different scents and fragrances. It was amazing!

At the end of the tour we decided to head back to the Dubai Mall, grab some food and then get the night tour starting at 7.30pm. Before arriving back, we managed to get a glimpse of the Dubai sunset in the distance. This is my favourite photo so far!

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