Dinner in the Dubai Mall

After spending a few hours in the Burj Khalifa it was about time to get some food! And we weren’t short of options! Five Guys it is 👌

It amazes me how much choice is available in the Dubai Mall. This is no exaggeration but they literally have the best of everything. And whilst choice is great you are spoilt with it on a daily basis! Clearly we didn’t use the choice and went for a pretty easy going meal like Five Guys… 

Today felt like a long day and I think the after effects of travelling were starting to kick in. It’s been amazing so far but just to top it off we wanted to get a photo of the water fountains out the front of the Burj Khalifa. These fountains were located directly next to the Dubai Mall. 

One of my first ever Instagram posts was of the fountains outside the Ballagio in Las Vegas. They were incredible and these fountains in Dubai definitely competed! 

Day two completed.

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