India… is actually pretty amazing!

Before leaving the hotel we bumped into a girl who was joining our tour group. She had just arrived early in the morning and was pretty tired.

We mentioned we were heading out briefly to go visit the India Gate and see the sights and she agreed to come and join us.

On the recommendation of the hotel staff we got the Metro which was an interesting experience to get to just because the roads are so mental. It was a game of human frogger. Eventually we got there and navigated our way onto the right train and then into a tuk tuk at the end station. We got a lift to the India Gate which was spectacular. Between me and the two girls we got asked for so many photos with the locals who were just very interested and keen to have a photograph with us. The India Gate was an example of why I had chosen to visit this country and i was beginning to enjoy myself.

We picked up a Tuk Tuk to head back but the driver was a pretty good English speaker and offered to show us some extra places on the way to our hotel. We went to a Sikh temple which was incredible! We had to take our shoes and socks off and leave them in the Tuk Tuk in this underground car park – a strange experience in itself but we walked up to this amazing temple where people were in prayer and it was incredibly tranquil.

We had to wear headscarves too – photo below.

This was what I had imagined India to be an better. But unless you embrace it and let your guard down – you won’t enjoy it.

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