Time to meet the group

We were pretty exhausted from our impromptu day out of exploring Delhi and decided to head back to the hotel so that we had enough time to get ready for the meeting at 6pm. We had no idea who would be in the group which was exciting!

After freshening up, we went to meet out tour group. Again I have lucked out with cool people! The majority are either British or German in our group this time around but as always there’s a token Irish lady and Australians. Always the way!

After our briefing with KV (abbreviated) our Chief Experience Officer he shows us a local place to get good food. By this point I’m starving because I have been playing it easy on the food to try and avoid any bowel issues that are not necessary! We went to an AMAZING Indian restaurant which tasted even better when you are absolutely starving.

I got chatting to Steven, Siran and Katie on our table whilst Marie sat down the other end and was chatting to Ann, Jean and Thomas. It was a very friendly, open and inviting group and I again felt like I had lucked out with the group we were in.

After an amazing Indian meal. We head back to the hotel for an early-ish night but we have to be up at 4am, to meet for 5am and then get a 6am train from Delhi to Agra.

The train was better than I expected and we had our own seats which was good. However, looking outside of the train on the journey there was a bunch of people who were poverty stricken and poor. There was a lot of smog in the sky and the surrounding areas looked very run down. It was quite a reality check… this is normality for a lot of people in India.

So far on my trip it’s been mixed feelings. When you embrace India it’s an incredible place! But you can’t help but feel for the people who are less fortunate. It’s a very different culture. The only saving grace is that there are loads of temples across the city of Delhi serving thousands of people daily with free food.

A decent start to the trip so far. I’m glad the group seem cool!

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