Busy morning in Jaipur followed by an amazing buffet lunch!

Our first full day in Jaipur… it looks like a pretty cool city and I’ve heard good things about the Amber Fort. KV organised tuk tuks to take us to the Amber Fort and after a quick but fun journey we arrived there. This fort was enormous and was the most spectacular one I’ve seen since being in India.

There were tourists using the elephants to get up to the top of the fort but we heard that this does the animals no good. GAdventures are big on responsible tourism and I felt good and pleased they didn’t take part in the Elephants. We walked up and actually it was quite fun to do so! Why do you need an elephant to carry you when you can walk – lazy bas@*%ds !

Once we got up to the Amber Fort we had a local guide named Sam show us around. The fort was in good condition in most parts and you couldn’t help but imagine how cool it would have looked back in the day. As per usual tradition, it had natural defences which were a combination of steep hills, rivers and walls with watch towers. This was the residence for the Prince of Rajasthan. The Amber fort was really cool and I got a ton of good pictures from it. At the fort we stopped in the coffee shop at the end before making the trip back down to our tuk tuks. We were all chilling outside taking in the views with a coffee when a monkey appeared on the balcony. Everyone started taking photos and a family offered it some food. Well… it didn’t need a second invitation. It hopped down and jumped up to their table, took the food they offered and more and then sat in the chair at their table eating it contently. They are really mischievous and unbelievably fast and agile! It was a funny sight to see considering it wasn’t my lunch being stolen.

Once we had completed the tour we went to stop at the Water Palace which was as it sounds… a Palace on the water. You can only see it from a distance. This was a quick stop before lunch where we were taken to a buffet food restaurant. Another decent lunch! Especially the naan bread! It’s ridiculously good here!

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