Casual stroll around the market stools

As usual, when we get to a new town we go for an orientation walk which basically means exploring key parts of the town and getting some of the history and story behind key landmarks.

When we arrived in Jaipur our CEO took us to the local market stools which are located in the streets of the city centre. We visited all types of markets; herbs, spices, tea etc. and met some amazing people who were very friendly and accommodating.

In particular we went to a tea and spices stool where the guy running it was extremely knowledgeable on all the spices. He provided recipes to those that were interested (free of charge) on how to make a proper cup of Chai Tea. Just before visiting this stool we visited a small temple hidden away behind the streets of Jaipur and on a roof top. Outside you had a Monk who was playing music. It was a pretty unique experience and also one that can be easily taken for granted!

We went to another street where we tried some of the locally produced yogurt and it tasted amazing! It was served in what I’d describe as a small clay plant pot which was impressive but seemed like such a waste when you could only use it once and then it was placed in the bin. Anyways, the yogurt tasted amazing so it was worth the experience.

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