Jaipur, the shopping capital of India – let’s see what it has to offer

In the afternoon we organised to go to see some of the main stores in Jaipur. After all, the town is known as the shopping capital.

We got into tuk tuks which took us to each place and waited for us. All for about 200 rupees each which works out to be around £2.30. Not bad at all really!

The textile place was amazing that had loads of different things; cushions, pillow cases, duvets, scarves, shirts, suits, shawls etc. They were all handmade from different materials and relatively inexpensive. I ended up buying two Kashmir scarves for a combined cost of £37. Not bad at all considering what you would probably pay for this back in the U.K. for something remotely similar. And at least here you know it’s genuine.

We all spent quite a bit in the textiles store which was a sign of things to come. Next stop, the jewellers. What could possibly go wrong with a group where the majority were ladies? When we got to the jewellers they provided a demonstration of how the shape and cleaned the stones and gems from their purist forms. It was pretty interesting and the methods they used have evolved slightly with the development of technology. It was still a very manual process but the items they were left with were awesome!

I got suckered into buying a few items. It was definitely a good afternoon and it was good to see another side of India which you hear about and it’s one of the reasons it’s such an important country globally.

After spending more than I intended a small of us went to the Monkey temple. This was as it sounded… an old (but still active) temple filled with Monkeys. Let’s see what it’s like.

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