Time for a Bollywood Movie… got to be done whilst in India!

I’ve only seen about 20 minutes of a Bollywood film before visiting India and I can remember not being a big fan. It just seemed to lack structure and I didn’t enjoy it.

As part of our itinerary we had the option of going to watch a Bollywood film which all of our group decided to do – I guess it’s a “must do” thing whilst in India.

The Bollywood film itself was hard to follow considering it was not in English and there were no subtitles. You could very loosely follow the plot through watching the scenes but it was still a bit crazy to watch. I found it enjoyable from the perspective that I’ve gone to see one in India and experienced the movie theatre first hand. But in all honesty I didn’t enjoy the film because it was all over the place and had no structure. Part of the experience overall but I won’t be asking for any Bollywood movies for Christmas let’s put it that way.

Our CEO took us to get some street food afterwards and we went to a place which I would have never have stopped in if I had been travelling solo. It was a street kebab shop but there was a seating area in a car garage workshop area which was down the alleyway next to the food place. I’m so glad we went here because the food was unbelieveable! I had a Chicken Tikka Roll (wrap) with some really nice mint sauce. Amazing food! And the staff were very friendly and accommodating too. Good first day in Jaipur!

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