Time for a hot air balloon ride!

Marie and I booked onto the Balloon Ride in Jaipur. It was going to cost $250 so it would be the most expensive thing I have done to date on this trip. Whilst I’m doing my best to budget I always try and live the experiences that I want to do… I’ve learnt early on in life that whilst money is essential and important it only provides a safety blanket and you don’t always get a second opportunity to do certain things. So even if it means taking the hit on something more expensive and saving elsewhere I’ve always tried to do that.

We had to get up at 4am to get in a taxi and head to the edge of Jaipur to go and get the balloon. I’m not a morning person and with the chilled social evening the night before I only got 3 and a half hours sleep. I was not feeling brilliant at 4am!

After arriving literally in the middle of no where there were 3 balloons and 3 Balloon pilots. Part of their preparation was checking that the conditions were safe for the Balloon to fly. They did this through a number of ways but mainly used a small Balloon with an instrument attached to it to measure the conditions.

As it turned out the conditions were too windy and therefore not safe to fly so we were unable to do it. Bit of a shame but at least my travelling budget had saved $250.

Once we got back we were heading to Tordi, a small village a few hours away from Jaipur to see rural India. But before this… I’m going to squeeze in an hours nap!

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