Visit to the famous Monkey Temple in Jaipur

Half of our group went to the Monkey Temple which is exacting as it sounds. It was a 20-25 minute Tuk Tuk ride from the jewellers and took us to the outskirts of town. When we got there we had to enter through a gate and pay 50 rupees each to take photos with our own cameras. This works out as a very small price and probably goes towards keeping the Temple running and towards providing sustenance for the local people living there.

The Monkey Temple has a number of different rooms or areas for prayers and it is still active today. And as the name suggests it’s full of Monkeys.

I’ve never seen so many running around freely in one place and it was unnerving for us because it felt like we were entering their home. They rule the roost so we didn’t want to intimidate or antagonise them because there were a few hundred living there. We were slightly out numbered!

It was a cool place to see though. There temples were very dated and you could see faded markings and colours on the walls which made us think it would have been pretty spectacular in its prime.

Another good experience!

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