Exploring the village of Tordi

In the morning, before we left for Pushkar, we had a quick walk around the town and say some other key sites. We were very fortunate to go and see the local village potter and I got the chance to have a go at sculpting my own piece of pottery. It actually worked out ok and mine didn’t fall apart!

The town was amazing and for a relatively small village they had 5 schools. Apparently the Government of India are focusing on education and encouraging people to send their children to school which will be a massive benefit in the long run.

Once we got back to our accommodation we were packing our bags again for a 3 hour journey to Pushkar. Pushkar is a very religious area of India and has specific rules that need to be followed. The first rule being that you cannot drink or carry alcohol whilst in Pushkar. The second rule being you cannot eat or carry meat whilst you are there.

When we arrived it was an amazing hotel and very well situated compared to the markets and main town centre. The walk was pretty easygoing.

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