First day in Pushkar, a very holy city

Pushkar is a town with more classic market stools and these gave me an opportunity to buy some more wristbands and add to my collection from my South America trip.

We visited some of the key areas in the city which included the Lake. This lake was very sacred and as such you are not allowed to take any photos of people who were bathing. It was a really cool city and full of colour and culture.

In the evening we were also very fortunate to visit one of the Sikh temples during a time of prayer and then try some of the food they provide in their community centres.

There are temples all over India providing food for free which is amazing really considering we have a certain number of food banks in the UK. It was pretty eye opening.

It was an amazing experience and I cannot put it into many words. This was one of the those experiences where you have to be there!

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