Welcome to Tordi!

When we arrived at Tordi we were given our rooms and some time to freshen up and relax. An hour later there was a chance to join the locals on a jeep safari which was more of a safari of the local town rather than seeing any specific animals. Although, in India you will see a lot of different animals (cows, dogs, birds, cats, goats etc).

The jeep safari was really cool. We were driven in a car which looked old school. It was a stereotypical car from a movie in the jungle and we set off from our accommodation to some of the key places in town. We got to see some of the local farmland and how they prevent the village from flooding using a local dam. This will an old dam but very cool to see. I felt like I was 8 years old again exploring places and going into places you probably shouldn’t be!

We then set off for our final stop which was felt like a hybrid of hills with grass, and sand. It was pretty cool and we had to walk up a few minutes to the top of the hill. Once we were up here one of the drivers kindly served us some Chai Tea and we were asked to have 5 minutes of silence which allowed us to appreciate the views but also have a moment of reflection. I think everyone enjoyed this because when our CEO said we could speak again it took a little while for anyone to say anything. Clearly everyone was deep in thought.

Once we got back to the hotel we had another amazing dinner on the balcony area as a group with a few drinks. We decided to play drinking games (e.g. on the bus) and it was a good laugh. Somehow we got onto talking about ghost stories which I found really interesting but some of the ladies asked to stop ha – probably in fear of not being able to sleep!

Another good day and we’re off to Pushkar tomorrow!

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