Arriving in Udaipur; boat tour and lakeside restaurant!

After the train journey we were all feeling pretty tired and needed to freshen up. Our hotel in Udaipur looked really nice and fortunately the rooms were ready for us!

We freshened up quickly and our CEO wanted to take us on an orientation walk around the City. The city itself is known as the “City of Lakes” and once you get away from the town centre you are confronted with incredible lakes.

The main lake where the City Palace resides has a Lake Palace hotel which was used in the filming of the James Bond film, Octopussy. The lake tour was really cool and we got to see the Lake Palace and another hotel which are amongst the best in the world. I definitely can not afford to stay there!

Udaipur was a city commonly used for weddings. It’s easy to understand why with it not being overcrowded, providing good weather and incredible scenery. So I’m going to call it early… this City is my favourite so far!

At the end of our orientation walk our CEO took us to a local restaurant for dinner. It’s a relatively new restaurant but it was fair to say it was a spectacular place to eat. We had a table right next to the lake and the menu was amazing! It definitely didn’t feel like a backpacking trip. Great food, great location, great city and another reason it’s been a great start to my travelling.

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