City Palace and local cooking class

On day two in Udaipur we had a pretty busy day! In the morning we paid a small fee (roughly £4) to enter the City Palace and have an organised tour.

The City Palace itself is pretty amazing. It overlooks one of the many lakes in Udaipur with ridiculously good views. Part of the Palace is now a luxury hotel, part is open for tourism and part of it remains for use by Royalty.

In the Palace itself some of the corridors and tunnels were made pretty thin as a method of defence. If the Palace was attacked then soldiers would have to move through parts of the Palace in single file which is easier to defend. Random fact of the day know… but interesting anyway.

Many of the rooms in the City Palace are still pretty impressive. Everything has been done on purpose or by design and listening to the local guide was interesting.

The tour of the City Palace lasted 1-2 hours and was good fun. After this, a few of us had booked onto a local cooking course where a family were hosting us, teaching us how to cook and then we get to eat the food that’s been cooked. At this point we were all starving so a free lunch sounded good!

The cooking course was pretty cool. We learnt how to make all sorts of dishes from Chickpeas in a mild spiced sauce, Malay Kofta, pilau rice and Bhati. It was interesting to see how many spices and herbs go into making the sauces.

After getting back to town a few of us wanted to just chill and grab a few drinks. We found a really cool rooftop cafe overlooking the lake. It was pretty inexpensive and the views were unbelievable. It’s fair to say we stayed here for a few hours!

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