Local dancing in Udaipur followed by rooftop drinks 👌

Once we finished at the rooftop bar we had to go and meet the rest of the group at another part of the lake for a daily local dance routine/theatre. The government contributes towards putting on these theatrical displays to show the different cultures and traditions within this princely state of India.

There were loads of different types and style of dance routine. Most of it was pretty interesting and impressive! Particularly the lady who was 71 years old and managed to hold 8 large clay bowls/pots on her head whilst still dancing. She also stood on glass with about 6 on her head. It was impressive!

Once this finished we went to a local restaurant called Courtyard for dinner. This place was very nice with a varied menu and again the drinks started to flow.

We’ve already done and seen so much on this trip! It’s good to have opportunities to chill out and enjoy a few drinks with the group. After a couple of hangovers I am still struggling with them. Its got a lot more difficult to manage the hangovers once I hit about 23 years old!

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and had a few drinks on the rooftop. It was another chilled evening!

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