Quick recovery and then the camel safari I’ve been looking forward to!

For the first time on the trip I had started to get a bit ill. It felt like a mild fever (without a temperature) and I felt weaker. I’d tried so hard to avoid Delhi Belly by not using the local water and being careful with the food I was eating and I was certain it was not this.

The group were getting up early to go on a trek and see one of the temples on the nearby hill/mountain. I decided to skip this and focus on recovering. It was the first activity I missed but I felt a million times better after a few extra hours of sleep.

In the evening we went on the camel safari to an area outside the boundaries of Pushkar. The camel safari was for about an hour to an hour and a half. Camels move in a slightly different way but they are impressive animals and are very powerful. They just look a bit ridiculous with all the coloured materials thrown over them and their facial expression is a bit vacant.

The camel safari was very good fun though. I think I got some good GoPro footage of this so I look forward to getting these edited properly. There were quite a few people in our group who did the safari.

We got to a small local campsite where we were dressed up in local clothing. This looked more impressive for the ladies because of the brightly coloured shawls and they already had their henna tattoos.

We were very lucky with this activity because we got a lot for our money.. we had a local magician come and perform and he was awesome! Then we had musicians and dancers perform and we got the opportunity to try it as well.

After this, a local fire eater also came to perform and we were given a really tasty dinner. Another good experience and it was different to anything I’ve done before being sat in the desert.

We went back to the hotel and had an early night because we had to be up early for the journey to Udaipur.

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