Rooftop views and then a cycle tour of Udaipur

In the morning, Marie and I decided to chill at the hotel while everyone else went to try the local street food. With a sleeper train the next day I didn’t want to take any risks with food… not after I’d made it this far without any issues.

We sat on the rooftop and just chilled for an hour or so waiting for everyone else to come back. After they got back, we were set to go on the cycling tour of Udaipur.

Not going to lie I was tired and hungover in the morning. A cycle tour sounded good when I booked it but in the morning I was not as keen for obvious reasons.

With that being said, we went on the tour and I had to hop in the back of a pickup truck because the seats were all taken. It took about 30-40 minutes to get to the cycling place and it was a pretty good trip… we left the town itself and went to the edges of Udaipur, which was much more rural.

The bikes were pretty standard push bikes and unfortunately there was no where to clip the GoPro so I had to use the chest harness. Having watched back the videos they actually come out ok!

The cycle tour was awesome. We cycled around Udaipur and saw a decent lake on the way and got some pretty good photos! There weren’t too many hills and the heat was bearable.

Half way through we stopped at another lake where the cycle tour company had setup some seats for us. We sat down and they gave us lunch at the lake which was pretty decent!

The cycle tour was also the best cure for the hangover. Glad I didn’t drop out in the end!

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