The train journey to Udaipur

This post will be quite short because it’s pretty self explanatory. However, this is the second train journey of the trip and we had to get from Pushkar to Udaipur. We got a lift to a nearby train station (not in Pushkar) and had to get a direct train to Udaipur.

When the train turned up it’s not like anything I’ve seen. The windows are small and have bars on them like a moving prison. There were loads of people packed into the train and loads of glum looking faces staring out.

Our carriage was packed and we had all of our belongings (including the main/big travel bags) so we knew we were going to have some difficulty getting our pre-booked seats. It took a while but we got there eventually.

The train was ok overall but it was extremely crowded and the seats were not comfy at all.

Can’t complain too much though! The trip has been amazing so far and this is all part of the experience.

Looking forward to Udaipur!

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