Bye Poppy! And hello Goa

The night out in Mumbai was decent because all of us were there. It also started to get a bit messy when the drinks really started to flow.

I ended up doing jaegerbombs which were served in a syringe, not a cup. It was a pretty odd experience! And afterwards the waiters would shake your head immediately after you have drunk the shot.

Unfortunately, this was Poppy’s last night with the group. She was flying back to London early the next morning but to her credit she stayed out as late as everyone else. In the end I think she only got two hours sleep and was probably still drunk on the plane!

It was an awesome night out but sad to say bye to the first member of the group. Again, we were very fortunate with the people in our group!

In the morning we had to take taxis to Mumbai Airport. The airport was actually quite far away and it took around an hour to get there. Once we had checked in we needed food before flying to Goa.

Ready for the last leg of the tour! It’s exciting but a shame it’s coming to an end so soon.

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