Goa, the Indian Magalluf

On the taxi journey to the hotel we were stuck in a lot of traffic. The local Goa team were playing a football match versus another team from India so fans were pouring into the stadium to watch it. It took us just short of two hours to get to the hotel where it normally would take 45 minutes. Ah well, at least we arrived ok.

After freshening up we were about to head out for dinner but our CEO was leaving so we needed to say farewell. We all pulled together to provide a tip to him for everything he had done to help our group over the 15 day tour. As mentioned in many of my blog posts, the tour would not have been the same without him and so it was appropriate to show our appreciation. It felt like the trip had only just begun and people were already leaving.

We went for dinner at a really cool seafood restaurant overlooking one of the main beaches. There were fireworks going off in the background and different genres of music playing from the different bars on the beach. It was an amazing environment. It felt like a Magalluf beach resort without people being idiots. The weather was good too although probably a bit too humid.

Once we had finished dinner we went to a local bar which was playing some really good songs. The drinks started flowing and it was our final night out as a group. Half the group ended up on the dance floor and before you knew it everyone was on there. I think I left around 2am but some of the group were in the bar until 4am easily. It was a really good night out and a way to the end the trip!

Before leaving the bar to go home we said farewell to our CEO. He did a great job in making the trip enjoyable for all of us and that’s not an easy thing. The amount of effort he put in behind the scenes was incredible! Highly recommend.

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