Hello Bangkok

A few flights later and we landed in Bangkok. Before arriving I had mixed feelings about going to Bangkok. Whilst I’ve heard it’s an amazing city and has a lot to offer I can’t help but have this impression it’s a very seedy place.

On first impressions, it was a very modern and clean city. Our hotel was very nice and the local people were very friendly. A number of people could speak English but it wasn’t as fluent as I had expected considering so many British people fly to Thailand. Interesting experience tho!

To pass time on day one we went to explore a few key sites. First of all we went to the Grand Palace in the centre of town. The place was huge and had a lot of architecture and colour to it. It was very grand with a lot of red and gold colours being used.

After the Grand Palace, we then went to Khao San road which is a very popular place for tourists and backpackers.

When we get there the street was actually the living definition of a tourist trap. It had market stools, bars and fast food places everywhere. Everyone wanted to be your friend but just with the angle of selling you stuff. My own opinion is that this place wasn’t really for me but then we did visit it during the day and at night it’s completely different with music playing and people drinking. Unfortunately we won’t get to see it at night until after the Indochina tour.

Time to head back to the hotel to meet our new tour group!

We had a very good mixed group. 6 guys and 10 girls from varying nationalities. A few drinks will help everyone break the ice.

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