High tea at the Taj Mahal Palace

The majority of the group were keen on going for high tea at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Before this moment, I actually had no idea what high tea meant but I learnt something new.

It cost 1,900 Rupees for the high tea which was essentially unlimited hot & cold food and drinks (apart from alcohol). In the U.K. currency that’s about £21. Not too bad with a view looking over Mumbai bay and the Gateway to India. Could be worse.

The food was really good and after spending a few hours here a few of us decided to go and see local sights including the Gateway of India. We wandered around for about 45 mins before we had to meet our CEO and the rest of the group for an orientation walk.

The walk was good and only short. We’d been out all day and a few of us were tired so we wanted to get onto a few drinks. We went to a bar which was famous in Mumbai for being the regularly drinking place of a person who had escaped from Australia. He had a famous book written for him called Chanterome.

It got a bit messy with drinking and I definitely spent way more than I intended. I’ll need to curb the jaegerbomb buying habits if I’m not going to bankrupt myself!

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