Welcome to Mumbai

When we got to the hotel the rooms weren’t ready so we had to drop our stuff and wait a few hours.

After going to get breakfast we went on a 3-4hour city tour to see the different sights. It was a decent tour but at this point I was struggling to stay awake! This is also one of the lows of travelling that sometimes you have to wait to get into your hotel room and it meant spending a whole 24 hours in the same clothes and sweating. Pretty disgusting and I get disgusting! Couldn’t wait to get checked in and showered.

The City Tour was good though… we went to see the main location of Gandhi’s movement and work in Mumbai. We saw a few temples, the old and historic railway station, the house of the richest man in India and also one of the two big slums that are in Mumbai. It’s a very varied city and I’m glad we were able to do the tour and see what the City had to offer. It’s a bit of a shame we were only there for one night because it had a lot to offer!

If I were to come back India then Mumbai would be a place to visit again. It reminded me a lot of Lima where it had tourist parts, rich areas and then other areas where most people stayed and lived.

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