Phnom Penh

When we arrived in Phnom Penh we went for dinner near the river. The City had a really good view of the nearby river and it looked like somewhere in Scandinavia, just warmer.

Everyone was feeling pretty tired so we had a quick orientation walk around the town before going to the local market to see what they had available. The local market wasn’t amazing in my opinion. It had a lot of clothes and some street food but it wasn’t the type of market I was expecting. Anyways, it was good to see.

After the market we went to a rooftop bar called Cloud Nine Skybar. This place was really cool and had an incredible view of the city. As far as Skybars go, the prices were actually pretty reasonable. We stayed here for a little while and I even got to watch the FIFA World Cup group stage draw. Nothing like watching football related programmes in a rooftop bar – who said backpacking was difficult?

Across the road there was a back packer hostel that had a rooftop bar attached to it. A few of us wanted to stay for drinks so we wandered across the road and went there for a drink. The hostel was pretty average but the rooftop bar had potential. It could have been amazing if there were lots of people there but by the time we arrived there were only a couple of people.

In the morning, we chilled at the hotel for a few hours and went to the pool that was on the and second floor. It had been a full on few days and so it was really nice to chill and relax for a change!

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