Quad bike around Siem Reap followed by a night out

Once we had freshened up a small group of us (5) went quad biking. Before starting we had to fill out the legal waiver which essentially signs your life away if anything goes wrong. As much as I wanted to go fast, the threat of losing all of my travel budget paying for any damage to a quad bike was a pretty big deterrent.

We went around the edges of Siem Reap and saw some really cool sights. There were a lot of farmers fields growing rice which sound basic and boring but it’s the sort of view you would see in a film scene… so to see it with my own eyes was really cool.

The Quad bikes were pretty powerful but as mentioned above I didn’t dare to push it too far. I also had one of the girls in the tour group sat on the back of the quad bike so I felt pretty responsible!

We got to the edge of one of the rice fields and stopped on the side of the road. There was a small group of water buffalo chilling in the fields which were partially flooded. The water must have been about a meter high and the buffalo were essentially using it as a bath.

It was a small group of buffalo with some younger ones and they made really strange noises whilst running about. All captured on the GoPro of course!

Our final stop on the quads was a small village on the outskirts of Siem Reap. We stopped here and got speaking with one of the guides on the quads. He was telling us about the local kids and families and the schooling situation. We were told the public schools don’t really teach much English to the children and you need to go to a private school to get a better education in the English language. It was a pretty humbling experience because he mentioned it cost $300 USD to send one child to a private school per year. It made me reflect on the money I’ve wasted going for that Nando’s on a Sunday that wasn’t needed or buying a football shirt for £50 to add to my collection.

There are better uses for our money and it could literally change someone’s life. It was a big eye opener for me personally.

Another good day with a very sobering end.

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