S-21 and the Killing Fields

In the afternoon we began our tour of the Killing fields. Cambodia has a very dark history with a large scale Genocide taking place in the mid 70s.

Whilst it’s not an activity you look forward to… it’s one of those parts of history that when you visit a country and town which hold memorials for this huge event then you have to go and see it. If you read up on Cambodia, the Killing fields are usually mentioned pretty closely to anything in the recent history of the country.

I’m going to keep this blog very short because you quite simply cannot understand what happened and cannot put it into words.

S-21 was one of the prisons but it was located in the city. It was a school before it converted and today it stands as a reminder and memorial to what happened.

It was one of the most devastating things I have seen in my life. I will never understand it and I felt angry that it happened. We got to meet one of the survivors from one of the prisons. I don’t think I’ll have a more sobering experience in the rest of my life.

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