Sihanoukville, a beach town

After leaving Phnom Penh we began our trip to Sihanoukville which was a beach town in Cambodia. The weather up until this point had been amazing but when we got to Sihanoukville it was absolutely pouring with rain and there was thunder and lightning. It was like being back at home…

We all got some time to freshen up which was great after travelling for a while! In the evening we walked down to the beach and got some BBQ food from a local restaurant. It was still raining outside but the experience was pretty cool. The food was also really nice!

It was a quiet night for all of us. We went back to the hotel and tried to get an early nights sleep.

Sihanoukville looks like it could be really cool but hopefully the weather improves. If it carries on raining then it could spoil it a little bit!

In the morning we are all going on a boat tour which involves snorkelling, staying on a beach with a BBQ where you can play volleyball. Should be a good day – weather permitting!

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