The long trek to Vietnam…

Another hangover, joy. I never learn.

We began our horrific trek to Vietnam early in the morning. The only thing keeping me going was the thoughts that Vietnam will be amazing. All of my friends that have been there have said it’s one of their favourite places so it sounds really cool!

The border crossing was similar to the Peru to Bolivia border. It was pretty low key with a few barriers to stop vehicles driving through without permission. We were at the border crossing for about an hour before we got through to Vietnam. Let’s see what this country has to offer! Another stamp on the passport…

We stopped in a small local town for lunch. I tried the chicken clay pot and I have to say the flavour and taste of Vietnamese food is very different, in a good way! It had a lot of flavour and in some ways reminded me of India because they pride themselves on making food really tasty using herbs and spices.

Vietnam looks cool!

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