All day boat cruise in Nha Trang

The sleeper train wasn’t too bad. I was expecting a lot worse!

Once we got to Nha Trang we went for some breakfast whilst waiting for our hostel room to become available. The only downside to this type of travelling is not being able to shower for a few hours in the morning after wearing the same clothes all night. It’s a feeling I personally hate… but when there’s no choice there is little you can do.

We were all planning to do the boat cruise which sounded like fun. We got on the boat around 9.30/10am and it turned into a bit of a party boat.

At first, we were snorkelling and jumping off the boat into the water. But it was not long before the alcohol was out and people were making cocktails. I’m all for a few drinks but this was too early for me and also we weren’t in Magalluf so I wasn’t overly keen on a party boat. With that being said, we all got involved with it and had a bit of a laugh although people got drunk pretty fast.

We stopped at lunch for the driver and his crew to cook us a BBQ lunch. It was pretty good but there was way too much food! None of us could finish it.

In the afternoon we stopped at a beach area but it was not the classic beach. It was very rocky and not the type of beach you’d imagine in your mind or see in a magazine.

One of the positives to this beach area was that they were running water sports. I went with one of the girls in our tour group to do paragliding… another bucket list item completed!

Paragliding was good fun but it was quite short. We only got 2,000metres. You go up in the air quite high but it really hurts if you’re a guy. The straps supporting all of your body weight sit on the inside of your thigh so you can only imagine the pain (if you’re a guy).

Even though we’ve had a lack of sleep it’s been an eventful day. Glad I got to tick another item off the bucket list but wasn’t overly keen on a party boat. Ah well, can’t have it all!

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