First day in Ho Chi Minh city

Our next destination was Ho Chi Minh City. Again, speaking with friends they have all said if you find any cities in SE Asia or India hectic then it’s nothing like Ho Chi Minh.

When we arrived I think I’d disagree. It was busy don’t get me wrong and we were stuck in pretty bad stand still traffic… but I would definitely say Delhi was more hectic for cars, people and animals on the roads.

You could be confident crossing the street and making it out alive in Ho Chi Minh but in Delhi I thought I was going to die.

Our CEO took us to a local street food market place which was amazing. There was loads of choice available and everyone in our group went for something different. After the street food we all went around the local market which was one of the main areas in the city. Again, it was a cool market place but I was expecting more. Every stool seemed to sell the same thing and there was a real lack of variety.

I went to explore a bit more of the city with one of the girls in our tour group. We walked to the Independence Palace which you couldn’t see because it was covered by a huge fence, gate and a load of trees. A bit rubbish!

We also went to the Cathedral Notre Dame which was being renovated. It was a shame because it looked like a cool building but there was a lot of scaffolding on either side which meant taking a photo was challenging. This was similar to the experience I had with the Taj Mahal… there was a lot of scaffolding there which was a shame so it took the gloss off it a bit.

In the evening we went for another night out which again got messy and resulted in a pretty painful hangover!

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