First morning in Hoi An

We had a chill out day in Nha Trang which was nice. I spent most of it doing “life admin” like booking flights and putting together a plan for Thailand. It felt nice being able to organise myself for the next step of my journey.

For the afternoon we spent a bit of time on the beach before wandering back to the hotel to get on the bus for the train station. We have another sleeper train… this time for 11 hours and taking us to Hoi An.

The sleeper train was not as nice this time. We were in second class as opposed to first class which we had for the first train.

A few of us decided to sit in one of the cabins and watch a film. I got to see the film Sully, which I had never seen before, and I have to say it was incredible!

It was all going so well until we heard a massive scream from one of the other cabins a few doors down. It was one the girls in our group.

A small mouse was roaming free in the carriages and obviously some people are not the greatest fan of small creatures. It was impossible to catch the mouse so we had to move a lot of the bags we had with food. There were also a few bugs crawling around like mini cockroaches so I helped to get rid of them. I missed the end of the film though which I was a bit gutted about. Guess I’ll have to watch it on dvd another time!

When we arrived in Danang station we had to get a connecting bus to Hoi An which was about 30-45minutes away.

This is the first morning where the lack of sleep, travelling, constantly being in a big group and probably a bit of homesickness were affecting me. I just needed a few hours to chill, alone.

After breakfast I took myself away from the group, went back to the hotel and got a few hours of sleep. It made a big difference.

Now that I’ve recovered let’s see if I can see a bit of Hoi An…

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