Homestay in Ca Tao

Our first night in Vietnam was a local homestay in Ca Tao. I’ve only done one homestay before in Peru which was a pretty incredible experience. I know this will be slightly different but I’m looking forward to it!

When we arrived we had to walk 5-10 minutes to get to the house. It was a rural area away from the road. It looked pretty cool when we got there. Like the homestay before a lot of things were handmade.

The family cooked an amazing dinner for us which included homemade spring rolls, chicken in a clay pot, green beans, prawn crackers, tofu, steamed rice and pumpkin soup. There was way too much food for us and it felt a shame wasting it but they truly spoilt us.

When we finished dinner a few of the group stayed to chat. It was not a late night though and most people were in bed by 10.30/11pm.

The bedrooms were small with mattresses laid on the floor. They provided a big mosquito net because we were in the woods a bit so there were a lot of mosquitos flying around.

It was a cool experience to be fair. I remember watching a video about Indochina Discovery on YouTube before I left and this homestay featured in the video. When I watched the YouTube video at first I thought it was the sleeper train but as soon as we arrived in Ca Tao I recognised it.

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