Hoi An you were amazing, let’s hope Hue can live up to the expectations

I really liked Hoi An. It had a lot of character to it with the detailed architecture, colourful streets, an abundance of market stools, tailors and coffee shops and also the local icon – lanterns… plenty of lanterns.

It would have been nice to have spent one more day in Hoi An because it was one of my favourite places. But hey ho, this trip is designed to show you a small bit of everything so it was time to move on.

We got on the bus for a journey to a city called Hue (pronounced ‘Hway’) which used to be a very important city strategically and politically.

The bus journey was like many of the others – long and painful. However, most of us had a hangover from the night before which is entirely self inflicted but didn’t help us to enjoy the journey. Fortunately no one was sick on the bus!

On route we were driving through cliff/mountaintop roads which provided amazing views. We stopped near the peak which was cool but unfortunately in this area there was a lot of cloud and fog so we could not get any photos. The views on the way up were spectacular but it’s difficult to get a good photo through a bus window.

Once we got to the hotel in Hue we went for lunch while we were waiting for our hotel rooms to become available. Everyone was feeling pretty drained from the night before so it was a pretty low key lunch.

After getting in to our hotel rooms a few of us decided to wander around the town and see what we could find. We went to the Imperial Citadel which was pretty cool. The architecture was impressive and the citadel still looked grand, even though it was old.

Dinner was very low key. We stayed at our hotel, had a pretty light meal and called it an early night. I think I’m getting too old for drinking… the hangovers just destroy me now.

Tomorrow we are planning to hire some bikes and go on a tour around Hue by ourselves. I’m looking forward to doing a bit more exercise! Let’s hope the weather holds out.

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