Back to where it all began… Bangkok

One final sleeper train back to Bangkok. We are heading back to where it all began.

I wasn’t a massive fan of Bangkok. It was just a big city and I didn’t feel like it had the same atmosphere to it that other places did. However, I guess it was nice to spend another day and evening back there so we have a chance to see stuff we may have missed.

A small group of us went to the Lebua hotel (used in the Hangover 2 film) which was cool. It was expensive there! A bottle water of water cost around £12 which was crazy. Not sure what their water is made from but should it really be that expensive?

We went to Asiatique afterwards which was an outside market. This place was pretty cool and there were amazing views of the waterfront where the river runs through Bangkok.

So here we are. The tour is over! What a couple of weeks it has been. I’ll try and summarise my thoughts in another post.

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