Slow boat from Luang Prabang to our Laos homestay

It was a very early start to get the slow boat. We set off at around 8am and it definitely lived up to its name… it was slow… very slow! Just to add to the experience it was absolutely freezing as well!

Between all of us we had bought a ton of drinks and snacks to keep us all feed and to try and stop anyone becoming hangry. The snacks actually helped a lot!

I also managed to download a couple of films onto my phone and so this helped pass a few hours. It’s fair to say the slow boat consisted of a lot of eating and drinking hot drinks. There was also a lot of people watching movies or tv series on their tablets and the amount of card games we played was ridiculous. I lost count! It was a very long and tiring day.

On the positive side, the views out of the slow boat were pretty amazing! We saw all sorts of animals roaming around the banks of the river – including wild elephants which was cool.

Not much else to say about this part of the tour to be honest! We made it as fun as it could be but it was just a very long day all round.

Looking forward to the homestay though. The ones I’ve done so far have been very good experiences!

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