Waterfall Park, into town and then the Phousi Mountain

Luang Prabang was a really cool town. We booked to go to the waterfall park nearby in the morning and early afternoon and then we would come back to the town to go up the mini mountain for a sunset view.

The waterfall park was even more important after the disappointment of the Ba Vi National Park. After a short 30 minute bus journey we arrived at the Waterfall Park and began walking through the park.

They had a bear sanctuary there where a number of wild bears had been rescued and cared for. I can’t remember ever seeing any bears in real life so I can only go on pictures but these bears seemed much smaller than how i imagined. They weren’t grizzly bears but they were still small. There were 4-5 in the sanctuary just chilling on some platforms, washing themselves or in a makeshift hammock just relaxing. Not a bad life!

After spending a bit of time at the bear sanctuary we walked further to find the waterfalls. It lived up to expectation… the waterfalls were incredible! It made up for the disappointment a week before.

I got too many photos to count of the waterfalls. It was an awesome start to the day and we got in the minivans to head back to the hotel just after 2pm.

In the afternoon we were all heading to the Phousi Mountain which is in the middle of Luang Prabang. We were told you could get a pretty good sunset view of Luang Prabang and the surrounding areas of Laos from up the top. To be completely honest, from the ground it didn’t look like the mountain was that high up.

We started the walk up and it reminded me in parts of the Inca Trail. Walking on cobbled paths with loose stones and rocks under your feet and being surrounded by old structures, trees and forest. It was actually a really enjoyable walk up to the top of the mountain.

We managed to get some amazing sunset photos from the top of the mountain.

The evening was pretty chilled in preparation for the long boat journey to the homestay the next day. 10 hours stuck on a slow boat does not sound like my idea of fun!

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