We all hate goodbyes… but it has to happen eventually

We had to say bye to 4 of the group. Maxime, a girl from Belgium, had been with the group since the beginning so we were losing one of the originals. Fabian, Alena and Mateo had joined us in Ho Chi Minh and had quickly become a big part of the group. They were all great fun!

It’ll be sad to see them go but it always happens eventually.

The night started with dinner at a local restaurant which was good. We then went to a few bars, one including a backpacker hostel, which played amazing music and had drinking games. This gave me a taste of what was to come in NZ and Australia if I’m staying at backpacker hostels. The only downside to this place is that the music was turned off at 11.30/12 midnight which was disappointing. It felt like the night had only just got going before we had to move on.

After this we went to a few more bars, had a few too many drinks and my credit card made an infamous appearance but not to buy jaegerbombs… this time it was Mai Tai’s. I don’t know why I do it sometimes – it never ends up working out well.

We got home around 2.30am and went to bed. It was a heavy night of drinking and it felt like a good way to say bye to 4 great people.

Not looking forward to the hangover tomorrow.

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